Why finance professionals should learn technologies?

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The world is upgrading every single second. Many businesses are now running on cloud platforms, most of the traditional businesses adapting digital technologies to move forward.

Every business has to take care of its financial health. Commonly in a small business, this will be handled by the owners themself, an accountant, or outsourced to other finance professionals (Like CA, CMA, accounting firms, tax practitioners). Anyway, there is a need for qualified people to do this.

Finance is everywhere, so those who are in finance can work in any other sector. Technology is everywhere, so finance people should learn new technologies within the finance sector and in other sectors in which they work.

Fintech will continue to change the industry. The demand for skilled professionals will go up in the future. One of the important skills will be proficiency in digital technologies. Every finance professional should upgrade themself to the new digital age.




CA Student — Tech Enthusiast

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Vinu Kaliyar

Vinu Kaliyar

CA Student — Tech Enthusiast

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